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U.S. Navy 1963 - 1986

USS Ruchamkin (APD-89), Little Creek, VA Gunnery Assistant then First Lieutenant...63-66

USS Willis A. Lee (DL-4), Newport, RI. Assistant Engineer. 1966

USS Stribling (DD-867), Mayport, FL... Weapons Officer, 67-68

USS Stribling in Malta 1967

Refueling at sea, USS Stribling DD-867

Sleeve shootdown DD-867

Lt Al Grieshaber and crew after target sleeve shootdown by USS Stribling DD-867

Diano Marina, Italy USS Stribling (DD-867), 1967

Alicante Spain 1967 USS Stribling DD-867

USS Vital (MSO-474), Charleston, SC, Commanding officer 71-72

USS Davis (DD-937), Charleston, SC, Executive Officer 77-78

Djibouti beach cook out, Uss Davis 1978

Djibouti beach cook out, Uss Davis 1978

Thor Heyerdahl's "Tigris" in Djibouti 1978. Some of us in the USS Davis DD-937 crew got to meet Thor Heyerdahl and his International crew in Djibouti

Commander Alan B. Flanagan, Captain of USS Davis standing next to Tigris. Dr. Heyerdahl burned this reed ship at sea near the Bab al Mandab Strait at the entrance to the Red Sea (on 3 April 1978) just three days after this photo in protest of War. A hyperlink below gives more information. His letter to the U.N. Secretary General Waldheim referred to man's inhumanity to man.

Thor Heyerdahl's "Tigris" in Djibouti 1978 See more at hyperlink at the bottom.

Entrance to Tsavo Game Preserve, Kenya 1977

My Hotel room in Tsavo Park Kenya 1977

Our Hotel in Tsavo Park Kenya 1977

Mt Kilmanjaro in Tanzania just across the border with Kenya.

Motley crew of USS Davis DD-937

Masai village, Kenya 1977

Masai village, Kenya 1977

Masai village, Kenya 1977

Local hitchhiker in Tsavo park, Kenya 1977

Cape Buffalo in Kenya

Beautiful Cheetahs standing guard in Kenya

One pissed off animal




Lion meat!!!



Savannah in Kenya

More Lion Meat!!!

Commandant Naval Posgraduate School, Monterrey, CA presenting Bronze Star Medal w/V in 1971

Change of Command USS Vital (MSO-474) in Charleston, SC

Change of Command USS Vital (MSO-474)

Cdr Scearce, Officer in Charge, Human Resource Management Detachment, Charleston, SC (79-81) presenting award

LCDR photo

Commander photo

Commander photo, JUSMAGTHAI in 1986

BG Nagel, CHJUSMAGTHAI presenting plaque to Mr Matt Daley, POLMIL Officer, U.S. Embassy Bangkok 1986

Cdr Scearce's retirement in Bangkok in 1986 with Capt Laron (Ron) Stoker, Chief Navy Division, JUSMAGTHAI...Navy Operations Officer/Advisor 81-86

My friend, Cdr Joe Timlin, USN Ret flying his F-4 Phantom by Mount Fuji in 1968

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